.Apple TLD Policies

This page provides general information and certain policies for
the .Apple Top-Level Domain (TLD).

A TLD is the highest level of a domain name (like ‘.com’ in the apple.com domain name) and generally represents the purpose of the domain name (like how ‘.com’ generally is used for ‘commercial’ websites). Apple was authorized by ICANN, the global regulator of Internet domain names, to be the registry operator for the .Apple TLD. As the registry operator, Apple will manage and set certain policies for the .Apple TLD, which will be used exclusively for Apple-owned websites.

Please find below contact, policy, and Whois information for the .Apple TLD.

TLD Contact Information

For any inquiries related to the .Apple TLD, including to report any abusive use of .Apple domain names, please contact the Apple Legal Department by one of the means listed below:

Email: atld@apple.com

Apple Inc.
c/o Apple TLD Counsel
One Apple Park Way
MS 169-3IPL
Cupertino, CA 95014