Apple Trade In

Terms and Conditions for Apple Trade In service

The recycling service for products is provided by Brightstar Asia Limited (“Brightstar”) through Apple Macau Limitada. and any of its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively “Apple”) at no cost to customers. “Recycling service”means the responsible reuse of the product or its parts. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Apple hereby disclaims and excludes any and all warranties of any kind, express or implied. “Customer”means the undersigned owner of the product. “Product”means iPhone or iPad or such other Apple products as nominated by Brightstar and Apple from time to time for the purposes of the recycling service. 

Eligible devices

“Eligible Device” means any device that is eligible for this recycling service as determined by Brightstar and Apple in their sole discretion. Carrier contracted device locked by Carrier is ineligible for this recycling service. Brightstar and Apple reserve the rights to reject any Carrier contracted device locked by Carrier for this recycling service.

Apple is an agent of Brightstar

The customer understands, acknowledges and agrees that Apple is acting as an agent for Brightstar and that Apple is only collecting the Eligible Device on behalf of Brightstar.

You are the owner of the product

The customer represents and warrants that: 

-     They are the sole owner of the Eligible Device; there are no liens, encumbrances or security interests in or attached to the Eligible Device; and they are legally entitled to sell the Eligible Device 

-     They are not an Apple reseller

-     They are at least 18 years old

-     The Eligible Device is not counterfeit, stolen or fraudulent.

Ownership transfers to Brightstar

Upon Apple receiving and accepting the Eligible Device, ownership of that Eligible Device transfers to Brightstar through Apple, and the customer disclaims any further right, title or interest in and to the Eligible Device or any items contained therein. 

Purchase of new product

Apple, acting as an agent for Brightstar, will advise the customer of the assessed value of their Eligible Device. This is the value Apple will on behalf of Brightstar pay the customer for the Eligible Device; Brightstar makes no representation about the market value of the device or the price the customer may be able to obtain elsewhere. 

Return and refund


Please note that all Apple and Beats products purchased at an Apple Retail Store in Macau cannot be returned or exchanged under this policy.


General terms and conditions

This recycling service is provided for lawful purposes only, and the customer understands and agrees that: 

-     They have sole responsibility for keeping a separate backup copy of any files or data before transferring ownership of the Eligible Device to Brightstar, and that they have taken reasonable steps to remove files and data that are deemed personal or confidential. The recycling service does not include data recovery. Apple and Brightstar accept no responsibility or liability for lost files or data

-     They are responsible for ensuring the SIM card is removed from the Eligible Device, and that Brightstar and Apple are not responsible for any costs arising from their failure to remove the SIM 

-     It may be legally necessary to provide to law enforcement the unique numeric identifier of the customer’s Eligible Device and the customer’s personal information as provided under this recycling service 

-     They indemnify Apple and Brightstar and any of their directors, officers, employees, affiliates, subsidiaries or agents from and against any claims brought against any of them arising from performing this recycling service, or for any breach of these terms and conditions by the customer

-     Information collected by Brightstar will be dealt with in accordance with the Brightstar Privacy Policy, available by emailing

-     Brightstar and Apple will not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the recycling service. To the extent permitted by law, Brightstar’s and Apple’s entire liability, if any, from any cause whatsoever with respect to this service shall not exceed MOP$50

-     The recycling service is void where prohibited or restricted by law and may not be available in all Apple locations

-     Brightstar and Apple reserve the right to refuse, cancel or limit recycling services for any reason

-     The recycling service is not redeemable and has no cash value.