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With its new design, Apple Music makes everything about music — listening, exploring, discovering — better than ever. Your entire music collection, along with the vast Apple Music library, is right at your fingertips. Experts are constantly working to find new songs and emerging artists you’ll love. And there are albums, videos, and events that premiere only here.

ExperienceA new design that just flows.

With a fresh look and enhanced features, Apple Music makes it easier than ever to find music you love, listen to live radio broadcasting worldwide, and get recommendations from experts.

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Make a great discovery? Share it with friends through email, social media, or text messages. And if they’re Apple Music members, they can play it right on their devices.

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Be the first to hear songs and albums from top artists, emerging acts, and more. You’ll also enjoy concert films and live shows created just for Apple Music.

The latest Apple Music firsts.

CelebratingJuno (Destination Jupiter)

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Curiosity. It’s the spark that ignites extraordinary art and visionary science. Apple is collaborating with NASA to provide education and inspiration throughout the Juno Mission's historic journey to Jupiter.

AlbumSuicide Squad OST

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SingleKaty Perry - Rise

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AlbumDJ Khaled - Major Key

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Songs and PlaylistsThe music you love now. The music you’ll love next.

All your music, no matter where it came from, lives in your Apple Music library. And we’ve made it easier than ever to search, explore, and listen to all of it. But we’ve also made it easy to find new music. Our team of experts — people who live and breathe music — scour the globe to find the artists, songs, and albums you’ll love tomorrow.

Your songs and playlists come with you.

Every song, album, and playlist you’ve ever added to your iTunes library is in your Apple Music library — whether it was purchased from the iTunes Store, imported from a CD, or downloaded from a music blog.

Playlists curated by experts.

Our team of music experts is constantly creating playlists with great new music they’ve discovered, along with hidden gems from your old favorites.

New Artists

A rehearsal studio in Williamsburg. A dive bar in Deep Ellum. A basement in Toronto. Our team is out there discovering the next great talents. And Apple Music is where you’ll hear them first.

The A-Lists

Our editors create handpicked playlists with the best new music in each genre, updated frequently and always surprising.


Want to listen to all the songs that sample Nina Simone? Or tracks from bands that contain the original members of Blur? Our editors have found them, and you can hear them.

Playlists created just for you.

Your taste in music is constantly evolving, and Apple Music keeps up with it. Every week we create a specially tailored playlist with songs inspired by the music you listen to.

My New Music Mix

Discover new music from artists we think you’ll like. Every Friday you’ll get a fresh playlist of great and unexpected tracks that you may not have otherwise discovered.

Playlists for every moment.

Get the perfect playlist for any activity and any mood. Every mix is carefully compiled, and each song flows naturally from the one before.


Everything deserves a soundtrack. And now everything has one — whether it’s cooking, running, dancing, working out, or kicking back.


Listen to music that matches your feelings, from relaxing to celebrating and everything in between.

Music EverywhereThe beat goes on. Anywhere you go.

A party at a friend’s. A road trip to the beach. A flight overseas. No matter where you go, Apple Music comes with you. That’s because when you’re an Apple Music member, your entire library lives in iCloud. And even when you’re offline, you can quickly find and listen to all your downloaded music. So you’ll never miss a beat.

All your devices are ready to play.

Thanks to iCloud, any device you listen on — iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV, Android, or PC — can play everything in your music library.

Play on. Even offline.

Go ahead and stream. But if you’re in a place where a signal isn’t readily available, you can easily see and play all your downloaded music. If you know you won’t have a connection, simply download your songs and playlists in advance.

AirPods. Unplug and play.

The new wireless AirPods combine incredible simplicity and intelligence with crystal clear sound. You’ll have the freedom to listen like never before.

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