Apple Pencil for iPad Pro

It’s only a
  • pencil
  • paintbrush
  • highlighter
  • eraser
  • note-taker
  • crayon
  • piece of chalk
  • fountain pen
  • marker
  • spray can
  • retoucher
  • selector
  • quill
  • ballpoint pen
  • grease pencil
  • gel pen
  • charcoal stick
  • paint marker
  • scalpel
  • shader
  • bristle fan brush
  • magic wand.

The versatile Apple Pencil is the best tool to reach for when you need pixel‑perfect precision. Use it to jot down notes, draft a schematic, or paint a watercolor. Or sign a lease or mark up an email. Whatever you need to do, Apple Pencil is easy to use but impossible to put down.

Malika Favre

An artist with a bold, minimal style who explores positive and negative space with vibrant color.

on point
for anything
you do.

While it resembles a classic writing tool, Apple Pencil is so much more. Whether you’re marking up a complex document, designing a building on-site, or retouching layers in a photo, you get an astonishing selection of tools in a single instrument. With amazing apps designed to take full advantage of its distinctive features, Apple Pencil offers unmatched versatility.

Seb Lester

An artist who expands upon the expressive potential of letterforms and ornamental design.

The ideal tool for
artists of every kind.


Engineered like a computer. Works like a pencil.

The technology inside Apple Pencil is revolutionary, yet picking it up for the first time feels instantly familiar. And though it’s far more precise than your finger, it’s just as easy to use.

To be precise, it’s
incredibly precise.

With Apple Pencil, you can make virtually any number of effects right down to a single pixel. It’s perfect for creating technical illustrations or adding fine details in a portrait. You can even touch and hold with two fingers in supported apps to get a virtual ruler that lets you draw straight lines.

T.W. Ryan Architecture

An architecture studio with a particular focus on arts‑related commissions.

Even more responsive. Virtually no lag.

On the new iPad Pro with ProMotion technology, latency — the tiny delay between when you begin drawing and the time it appears on the screen — is virtually imperceptible. This lightning-fast responsiveness creates a smooth and natural experience unmatched by other creative tools.

Draw lines of any weight. Just apply pressure.

Sophisticated and accurate pressure sensors determine exactly how hard the tip of Apple Pencil is being pressed down. Press harder to draw thicker lines. Use a gentle touch for wispy hairlines. And adjust your pressure for anything in between.

Add shading with a tilt of the hand.

Two tilt sensors in the tip of Apple Pencil calculate the angle of your hand. As you write or draw, the relative positions of these sensors are detected by the Multi-Touch display. So you can create different degrees of shading simply by tilting Apple Pencil the way you would a conventional pencil.

Go ahead, rest your 
palm on the display.

iPad Pro is designed with palm rejection technology, making it possible to rest your hand on the iPad screen while you use Apple Pencil. So you can focus on drawing with the utmost precision instead of worrying about how to position your arm.

Christian Tate

A graphic designer who tells stories with innovative infographics and illustrations.

12 hours of battery life.
You supply the creative charge.

Under the magnetic cap of Apple Pencil is a Lightning connector that lets you plug into iPad Pro. In a pinch, 15 seconds of charging gives you 30 minutes of use.1 And a full charge gives you 12 hours of scribbling, sketching, annotating, and editing.2

15  sec of charging
30  min of battery life

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Anything you can do,
you can do better.

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