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Apps help planes, trains, and package-carrying vehicles.

In Tokyo, millions of people ride the metro through underground tunnels that need rigorous inspections and maintenance. In Helsinki, travelers board a flight to Asia and experience a remarkably smooth connection. And in Dallas, a business relies on its shipping partner to deliver customer orders around the world. Pilots, maintenance teams, sales reps, and more depend on iPhone, iPad, and custom apps to streamline their operations to keep the whole world moving around the world smoothly.

Apple in action.

Data Collection

iPhone and iPad help pilots fly planes, engineers drive trains, and drivers operate vehicles more safely and efficiently by combining data and employee observations for the most accurate picture possible.

Electronic Information Management

From flight planning to railway directives, iPad enables timely and secure storage of critical information.

Task Management

iPhone and iPad keep everyone on track by making it easy to assign, manage, and monitor tasks from dispatch to completion.

United Airlines is reaching new heights of efficiency with iPhone and iPad. Work is simpler and easier for employees, and the result is a customer experience that is second to none.

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devices deployed

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