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Plug-ins, Scripts and Other Extras

When it comes to working with your photos, the built-in tools you find in Aperture are just the beginning. With dozens of image editing and export plug-ins, automations and scripts, and third-party book and web themes available, you can easily extend the capabilities of Aperture by accessing an entire industry’s worth of imaging expertise — without ever leaving Aperture.*

How to Use Aperture Plug-ins

Edit Plug-ins: After installing a plug-in, go to the Photos menu and choose the Edit With command. All installed editing plug-ins are automatically listed in the Edit With submenu.

Export Plug-ins: To use an export plug-in, choose Export from the File menu. You'll find all your installed export plug-ins listed at the bottom of the Export submenu.

Photo Book Plug-ins

Now you can create and order photo albums from some of the finest bookmakers in the world, direct from Aperture. Simply download a plug-in. Create your layout with the easy-to-use tools in Aperture. Then upload and order your book in just a few clicks.

Learn more about photo book plug-ins

Image Editing Plug-ins

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These plug-ins extend the built-in image editing capabilities of Aperture, adding specialised tools for noise reduction, selective adjustments, lens correction and much more.

Filters & Effects

Noise & Lens Correction

Export Plug-ins

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Streamline your work by sending your photos to Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug and other photo-sharing websites directly from Aperture. Or easily upload your photos to a remote FTP server, send them to another application or generate a Flash-based web gallery.

Web Photo Sharing

Stock Photo Sites


Automations & Scripts

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These automated workflows take advantage of AppleScript to turn complex multi-step tasks into one-click operations that extend existing Aperture features, and make it easy to integrate Aperture into a workflow that includes other applications such as Keynote, Mail or InDesign.

Import Workflow

Export Workflow


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These third-party web themes offer creative design options that give you greater flexibility when presenting your photos online.

Web Themes

Adjustment Presets

*Not all third-party plug-ins are 64-bit compatible, and therefore cannot be used with Aperture 3 running in 64-bit mode on OS X Snow Leopard. These plug-ins can be used by relaunching Aperture in 32-bit mode. Check directly with plug-in vendors about the availability of 64-bit versions of their plug-ins.