Link to iTunes

Make it easy for customers to find your content on iTunes or just add flavour to your site by featuring content from iTunes. There are a host of ways to link to iTunes, and through the Affiliate Programme, we’ll even pay you a commission on sales.

Identity Guidelines

To help in linking, badges are available for iTunes, the App Store, iBooks and the Mac App Store. These badges are designed by Apple for use on your website or in your app. They are recognised worldwide, and using them correctly is an important part of being a partner. Learn more about the Identity Guidelines


Use the Widget Builder to easily build interactive widgets to add to your website or blog. These widgets allow users to explore music, preview songs and find albums from iTunes. Users can also search for and discover apps from the App Store — all without leaving your site. Access the Widget Builder through your affiliate network to ensure that links from the widgets are affiliate encoded. Access the Widget Builder

Link Maker Tool

The Link Maker tool is the easiest way to create links to specific content on iTunes, the App Store, the iBooks and the Mac App Store. Access the Link Maker tool through your affiliate network and your links will be encoded to properly track affiliate sales. Access the Link Maker tool

RSS Feed Generator

Using Really Simple Syndication, the RSS Feed Generator creates dynamic lists of top content on iTunes and the App Store, such as songs, albums, new releases, top apps, free apps and more. Access the RSS Feed Generator through your affiliate network to properly encode affiliate links. Learn more about the RSS Feed Generator

Redirect URLs

Make it easier for people to find your content by using a redirect URL. These links can be used on the web, for TV and in print, and are available for music, films and apps. As long as your content is available on iTunes or the App Store, you can use a redirect URL. When customers click or type your redirect URL, iTunes or the App Store instantly opens.


Advanced Linking Tools

A variety of advanced tools are available to help technically savvy partners create links to the iTunes Store and App Store. These include a Search API and an Enterprise Partner Feed that provides an advanced data feed for the whole store.