is it capable of a 3rdmiddle mouse button (paste in terminal/x11) like the original mighty mouse?

In terminal/x11 or other programs like aquamacs emacs, the middle mouse button can be used to paste an item that has been copied via highlighting. the tracking ball on the original mighty mouse could be chosen to serve as a 3rd mouse button.
is the magic mouse capable of this? if not then apple is making a mistake.

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    the magic mouse lacks a 3rd click functionality

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  • So, in X11 I found that the right click is actually setup as button #3. If you run the xev command you can confirm this on your system.

    Then, I ran the command xmodmap to swap button #2 and button #3. This allows me to paste with right clicking.

    xmodmap -e "pointer = 1 3 2 4 5"

    My system requires me to enter all 5 buttons so if yours complains just list the number that you are required to list.

    xmodmap -e "pointer = default" sets it back to the default if you need it.

    Is this a perfect solution? No, but pasting text in terminals is an absolute must and it works for me. For now anyway.

    I wish that they would have had a middle mouse button by clicking both right and left at the same time :-)

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