One to One Details (UK)

Important Apple Retail UK Limited (“Apple”) provides the One to One services described herein to you (“you” or “member”) under the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”). When you purchase a One to One membership or receive any One to One service, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

General One to One membership is only available at the time of purchase to those customers who buy a new, Apple Certified Refurbished or Clearance Apple Macintosh computer (“Mac” or “eligible Apple Product”) in an Apple Retail Store, from the Apple Online Store or by calling 0800 048 0408.

For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, the “time of purchase” extends for 14 days from the date of purchase. If you return your Apple Product under the terms of Apple’s Purchase Policy, you will receive a full refund on your One to One membership and your account will be deactivated. Members are limited to a single One to One membership per year. Your One to One membership expires one year from the date of activation. If One to One is purchased by a minor (under 18) or on a minor’s behalf, an adult must be present to agree to these Terms and Conditions. An adult must be present with a minor under the age of 14 for the duration of any One to One service. One to One services are valid only at Apple Retail Store locations, for Apple Products owned and registered in your name, and cannot be used for service requests made through the Apple Online Store, or by calling 0800 048 0408, or any Apple reseller or service provider. One to One membership and services are non-transferable. Apple reserves the right to refuse, limit or cancel any One to One service and/or membership for any reasonable cause, including without limitation if, in the opinion of Apple, a member is using One to One services in conjunction with offensive, illegal or otherwise inappropriate content or material; displays unreasonable, abusive or disruptive behaviour; requires unusual or extensive services/training beyond the scope of these Terms and Conditions or Apple’s typical service offerings; or has otherwise breached these Terms and Conditions.

You agree and understand it is necessary for Apple to collect, process and use your personal information in order to perform the service and support obligations under your One to One membership. Members will also receive periodic membership-related communications from Apple, such as notices regarding expiry of your account and changes to the One to One programme. You may also receive requests to participate in member surveys. Apple will protect your information in accordance with Apple’s Privacy Policy, available at If you wish to have access to the information Apple holds concerning you or if you want to make changes, go to to update your personal contact preferences, or you may contact Apple at

If any provision (or part of any provision) of these Terms and Conditions is found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable under any applicable law, such term shall, insofar as it is severable from the remaining terms, be deemed omitted from this Agreement and shall in no way affect the legality, validity or enforceability of the remaining terms.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. You should keep copies of these Terms and Conditions, and any sales receipts or other materials, for your records. Apple reserves the right to substitute, change, cancel or add to any part of these Terms and Conditions or One to One services at any time. Visit for the most current Terms and Conditions.

Service Terms One to One services consist of Data Migration, Personal Training, Group Training and Open Training. One to One services are available via reservation on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to availability of service staff in our Apple Retail Stores.

Data Migration One to One members are entitled to Data Migration services for one (1) Mac purchased from an Apple Retail Store, Apple Online Store or by calling 0800 048 0408 if requested within the first sixty (60) days of their membership, including any renewals. Data Migration includes the data transfer of files from your old computer (PC or Mac) to your Mac. To be eligible for One to One Data Migration, your original computer must start up properly and be virus free. In addition, any PC must be running Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later and have a working Ethernet port. If you’re migrating from a Mac, your system must be running Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later and have a working Ethernet, FireWire, Thunderbolt or USB port. If you put any data or information on your Mac prior to your Data Migration, it will be erased and the Mac will be restored to its factory condition prior to transferring the data from your old computer. Upon your request, we will install any compatible Apple hardware that was purchased in conjunction with your Mac. We will also assist with installing software that was purchased in conjunction with your Mac in a Personal Training or Open Training session that you schedule with the Apple Retail Store. Data Migration services include the transfer and integration of your email, contacts, calendars, music, photos, bookmarks and documents from your personal user account, but not the accounts of others you might store on your old computer. Apple does not guarantee the transfer of all data from a personal computer to your Mac, as certain data — including without limitation certain email, contacts and calendar applications — may not be supported. One to One Data Migration is available only at Apple Retail Store locations, for Mac computers owned and registered in your name, and running the latest version of OS X.

Personal Training, Group Training and Open Training. Personal Training, and Open Training sessions (collectively or individually, “Training Session(s)”) are intended for informational purposes only. You can participate in any of these Training Sessions by using your own Apple Product or, subject to availability, an Apple Product which may be provided to you by the Apple Retail Store. Personal Training sessions are individual sessions between the One to One member and an Apple employee. Open Training sessions occur in a group environment, with a trainer available to provide assistance and answer questions as each member works on an individual project. Open Training session schedules and topics are determined by Apple and subject to change at Apple’s reasonable discretion. Reservations for Training Sessions are subject to availability on a first-come, first-served basis; therefore, Apple makes no guarantee as to the minimum number of Training Sessions you may be able to attend during the term of your membership. Members must book their reservations online using their personal One to One page or the Apple Store App (downloadable from the iTunes App Store). The One to One reservation system shows up to 14 days of availability. Members may have no more than one (1) Personal Training and one (1) Open Training session reserved at any given time. After the completion of your session, you may schedule your next. Personal Training sessions are offered in 30- and 60-minute increments and include up to 5 or 10 minutes to gather belongings and draw the session to a close. Arriving late to a Personal Training session may result in its cancellation or rescheduling. Open Training Sessions are offered in 90-minute increments. Please note: by utilising One to One services, you understand and agree that the duration of an offered Training Session is an approximation, and that the actual duration of any session may need to be shortened from time to time in order to reasonably maintain timely scheduling. Further, Apple reserves the right at its reasonable discretion to replace scheduled Trainers and change, postpone or cancel the date and time of any Training Session (e.g. during periods of increased traffic).

Preventing Data Loss You understand and agree that Apple shall not be liable for any loss, damage, corruption, disclosure or alteration of any files, folders, data, programs or any of your confidential, proprietary, business and/or personal information or removable media (“Data”). You are responsible for any and all restoration and reconstruction of lost, damaged, corrupted or altered Data. You ensure that any information or Data disclosed to Apple is not confidential or proprietary. YOU ARE ENCOURAGED AND EXPECTED TO TAKE ADEQUATE MEASURES TO AVERT AND REDUCE POTENTIAL DATA LOSS AND DAMAGES. IN PARTICULAR, BEFORE YOU BRING IN YOUR APPLE PRODUCT FOR ANY ONE TO ONE SERVICE, INCLUDING DATA MIGRATION, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BACK UP ALL EXISTING DATA ON YOUR COMPUTER DISKS AND/OR DRIVES, AND REMOVE ANY CONFIDENTIAL, PROPRIETARY OR PERSONAL INFORMATION, AND DISCONNECT MEDIA OR DEVICES SUCH AS CDS, DVDS, PC CARDS OR FLASH DRIVES.

Installing Software If any One to One service involves accessing, using or transferring data stored on your Apple Product or old computer, you represent that you have the legal right to access, copy or use any such data and to permit Apple to do so, and authorise any such use by Apple. You also agree that if any One to One service involves installing software on your Apple Product, you have the legal right to agree to the terms of any applicable software licence and authorise Apple to accept such terms on your behalf in performing the services.

Limitation of Liability Apple will not be liable under these Terms and Conditions for any loss or damage caused by Apple or its employees or agents in circumstances where any loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any breach by Apple of these Terms and Conditions. Further, neither Apple nor its employees or agents will be liable to you for any increase in loss or damage resulting from breach by you of any of the Terms and Conditions. Apple’s liability to you under these Terms and Conditions shall not exceed the amount you paid for your One to One membership.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will reduce your statutory rights.