A new game plan for concussions.

Although concussions are front and centre in the headlines, they remain difficult to detect and treat. But with an app from Cleveland Clinic, high school trainers and coaches in north-east Ohio are using iPad to take the measure of this deceptively dangerous injury.

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Elevating the expedition.

World-class mountaineers Emily Harrington and Adrian Ballinger have climbed some of the highest peaks in the world, from Mount Everest to Mont Blanc. They use iPad and the Gaia GPS app to help them plan routes, summit safely and share their adventures with the world.

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Taking exploration to new depths.

The ocean makes up 71 per cent of the earth’s surface, yet most of it remains a mystery. With the iDive housing and the Benthic Transect app, marine biologist Michael Berumen furthers his research in preserving coral reefs by taking the iPad deep underwater.

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Capturing a vision in Bollywood.

Feroz Khan, Agra, India

Feroz Khan, one of Bollywood’s top choreographers, uses iPad in many aspects of his production — from scouting locations to mixing music to framing each shot and refining every dance move. With iPad, Khan can quickly and easily share his vision with the director, dancers and production team.

Apps used: Artemis HD, SloPro and FiLMiC Pro

From the studio to the stage.

Yao, Beijing, China

The rock band Yao write and record music with iPad. And during live shows, iPad takes the stage with them. Two musicians each play an iPad on stage, using two apps for triggering samples, loops and percussion. With iPad, they’ve found a new way to make and perform music with a fresh sound.

Apps used: Figure by Propellerhead and TouchOSC

Far‑reaching tools for learning.

School in a Box, Humla, Nepal

For tens of millions of children in the developing world, the lack of electricity means little or no access to the best educational tools. But School in a Box, a solar‑powered education toolkit built around iPad, makes rich interactive learning possible anywhere.

Apps used: Various apps based on teachers’ curriculums

On‑the‑fly filmmaking.

Josh Apter, Iguazu Falls, Argentina

New York–based filmmaker Josh Apter has created a housing for iPad that turns it into a lightweight, portable moviemaking camera. With attachments like microphones, SLR lenses and other accessories, he takes iPad on the go to shoot his documentaries.

App used: FiLMiC Pro

Checking moves on the ice.

NHL®, Los Angeles, California, USA

The LA Kings® coaches use iPad to train players and enhance their game. With the ThunderCloud iBench app, coaches can capture video, zoom in and out of the footage, and instantly evaluate players — from small moves to big-picture strategies.

App used: ThunderCloud iBench

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