Takuto Nanba - Law

Studied Law
Waseda University, Japan, class of 2023

“I can express myself much easier on iPad. When I look back at my notes, I don’t see a copy of the lecture. I see my own understanding and perspective — it’s my creation.”

It wasn’t until Takuto Nanba began taking lecture-based courses that he realized the power of creative note-taking. Now a graduate of Waseda University in Tokyo, Takuto studied law to turn his passion for city development into a reality. iPad helped him spend less time documenting what professors said verbatim and more time understanding the essence of zoning laws and land use.

“Apple products and resources are like my second brain. They give me tips and clues when studying law. iPad lets me forget about the constraints of analog note-taking so that I can focus on the lesson and think.”

Freed of the limitations of physical paper and pens, Takuto used iPad, Apple Pencil, and Goodnotes to visualize the relationship between the law and the land. These tools enabled him to quickly sketch and recreate cases, then illustrate them with vibrant colors.

“With Apple Pencil, I’m able to visually connect complex concepts and ideas.”

Like many students, Takuto adjusted to remote learning by taking advantage of cutting-edge technology. During online lectures, he used Split Screen on iPad to see his professor’s presentation on one side and scribble notes on the other. And during virtual study groups, Takuto used FaceTime on Mac to connect with classmates while leveraging the immersive drawing canvas on iPad to capture group projects.

“The way we move through cities matters. I hope that someday I can positively impact how people live and experience the world around them.”


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