Hannah Pengilly - Digital Artist

Studying Secondary Education and Arts
University of Canberra, Australia, class of 2024

“With iPad and Mac, it’s so easy to bring my lessons and creative ideas to life.”

Hannah Pengilly is working on a double degree, studying both of her passions — art and education. She dreams of being an educator and is already pursuing a career as a digital artist, with work that is loved by millions on TikTok. Growing up home schooled, Hannah found that hands-on, personalized learning was the best way to support learners like herself — something she aims to bring into her own classroom in the future.

Hannah’s passionate about helping others express themselves creatively and learn in ways that work best for them. Apple technology helps her do that. With iPad, iPhone, and Mac, Hannah makes and shares her art with the world, brings innovation to her practice as a student-teacher, and elevates her schoolwork.

“I love designing with iPad and Apple Pencil. It pushes me to experiment and create in whole new ways at the highest level. I can create anything that I dream up."

iPad and Apple Pencil have been part of Hannah’s artistic toolbox for many years. With these tools, Hannah creates original drawings and animations using Procreate. “It’s the ideal canvas for drawing and experimenting with different techniques,” she says. For Hannah, Apple Pencil becomes a paintbrush with unlimited potential to play with color and texture. She shares her process with her 4M social media followers to spark imagination and encourage others to express themselves creatively.

Hannah easily combines her love of art with her student-teaching studies. On iPad with Apple Pencil, she designs student worksheets with multimedia content to appeal to different learning styles. For her assignments, she visually represents ideas by taking photos on iPhone and creating sketches on iPad, then uses AirDrop to send them to her Mac for editing. Her personalized digital workflows help her to develop content that inspires students to learn and teachers to teach.

Hannah’s mission is to make an impact in the lives of others — whether it’s through sharing her artistic practice, or creating lesson plans that make learning more inclusive. With iPad, Mac, and iPhone, she delivers on that promise.

“I want to use all of my skills and creativity to set students up for success, no matter how they learn. I’m driven by helping people, doing good in the world, and living an extraordinary life.”


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