Better ways ahead.

Clean and simple.

A world of
ways to

the world.

Guides to all the
right places.

Works seamlessly


Apple devices.

Shows you around
without following
you around.



Your ultimate get‑around.


Interactive globe.

and deserts

and rainforests. Oh my.

Place cards.

More ways to learn and interact.


Get a bird’s-eye view.



Go from device
to device with the greatest of ease.


Eyes on the road, not your device.

Issues and incidents.

Have a tip? Just tap.


Quickly get to your go‑tos.


Data protection.

Keep your location
history, history.

In case you missed anything.

  • Maps is available in over two hundred regions around the world. For information on which features are available where you are, visit the Feature Availability page.

  • Maps doesn’t associate your data with your Apple ID, and Apple doesn’t keep a history of where you’ve been. Personalized features, like locating your parked car, are initiated right on your device. Data used to improve navigation, such as routes and search terms, is not associated with your identity. Instead, that information is based on random identifiers that are constantly changing.

  • Apple offers two ways for developers to integrate Maps into their products.

    MapKit allows you to integrate Maps into your iOS, iPadOS, or macOS apps. You can display map or satellite imagery, add annotations and overlays, call out points of interest, determine information for map coordinates, and more.

    Learn more about MapKit

    MapKit JS brings interactive maps to your website — complete with annotations, overlays, and interfaces for Maps services like search and directions.

    Learn more about MapKit JS

  • Update to iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey to get the latest Maps features, including the interactive globe, 3D experiences for cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and London, nearby transit, and more.

    Get iOS 15

    Get iPadOS 15

    Get macOS Monterey

Get moving.

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