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Comprehensive Support

Apple offers several resources designed to help you use your Apple product. When you need assistance, consult the manuals or electronic documents that came with your product. You can also use Apple's innovative onscreen help system. These resources are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Product Manuals

Your product manuals provide detailed instructions, organized so that you can quickly and easily find the information you need. They also provide pointers to online sources of information (such as Mac OS Help) and electronic documents that can help you use your product. We also have a large selection of Apple product manuals in PDF (Acrobat) file format available for downloading at the Product Documentation Archive

Mac OS Help

Mac OS (operating system) Help provides onscreen assistance and step-by-step instructions. When you have questions about how to use your Apple product or how to keep it running smoothly, access Apple's innovative help system.

E-mail Mail List

Subscribe to Apple's official e-mail mailing list. These include lists for press releases, Information Alley with software update notification, Power Macintosh Bulletins, Apple Developer News, and Apple Software Update locations.

Online Support

Apple's online support provides the most comprehensive support information available from Apple. Apple online support inlcudes software updates and utilities, technical support and product information and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tech Exchange

Tech Exchange is your resource for product-specific information and feedback. When you post a technical issue, it is available to customers with Internet access worldwide. If you have an answer or a suggestion related to posts you read on the forum, we welcome and encourage your participation.

Basic Macintosh Troubleshooting

The Basic Macintosh Troubleshooting section of the Tech Exchange is designed to help you learn the basics of how to troubleshoot problems that you may encounter with your Macintosh. In addition, this section offers step-by-step procedures you should perform regularly to prevent problems and keep you Macintosh in top shape.
Tech Info Library

Apple's searchable support database, the Tech Info Library (TIL) contains more than 19,000 easy-to-read technical articles available in topic and discussion format. The TIL includes articles on troubleshooting, technical specifications, product history, printer drivers, cables, configurations, diagrams and much more. This is the same data base that Apple support specialists use to answer technical questions over the telephone. For current as well as past product info at a glance, search ourAppleSpec database.

Software Updates

The Apple Software Updates site, which contains a complete collection of updates, utilities and full software installers.

Telephone Support (Australia)

Apple Products - Standard Telephone Support
Call 133 MAC (133 622) to obtain up-and-running support for the first 30-days you own your product.

Application Support
Call 133 MAC (133 622) to obtain software application Support for products such as QuickTime 3.

Apple Support Line
Call 133 MAC (133 622) After your standard support expires, Extend your telephone support with Apple Support Line, available in a flavour to suit you.

Mac OS X Support

Support Professional
Call 133 MAC (133 622) to subscribe for Priority industry strength support for helpdesk professionals

Automated Information
Visit Apple's Support Site.

Customer Relations (Australia)
Call 133 MAC (133 622) or Write:

    Apple Computer Australia
    Customer Care
    16 Rodborough Road
    Frenchs Forest NSW 2086

Other Support Resources

Apple Authorised Resellers and Service Providers

Apple Authorised Resellers can provide software support, guidance, and technical consulting services. Many resellers are also Apple Authorized Service Providers and provide hardware repair services using genuine Apple service parts. For the name of an Apple Authorized Reseller or Service Provider:
Non-Apple Software

Apple support Apple and most Claris applications that may be bundled with this product. Questions about other products should be directed to the manufacturer of the product. Phone numbers for product assistance are usually listed in the front of the manuals that accompany those products.
Disability Solutions

At Apple, we are committed to helping individuals with disabilities use technology to increase their independence and personal productivity. Mac Access Passport (MAP) describes a wide variety of hardware and software products that help make the Macintosh accessible to children and adults who live with disabilities. To learn more about Apple's disability resources:
Claris Software

If you have questions about Claris software, use the comprehensive support resources listed above. Or refer to the Up & Running Telephone Support and Value-Priced Service & Support information below.

Developer, Consultation & Training Resources

Apple Developers and Consultants (AAPDA)

The Australasian Apple Programmers and Developers Association (AAPDA) offers useful information including developer programs, bug reporting and technical support.
Apple User Groups

Where ever you are, you'll find an Apple user group that shares your special interests. Composed of volunteers, most user groups hold monthly meetings, offering training courses, operate online bulletin boards, and maintain public domain software libraries for their members' use. To start an Apple user group or locate one near you: