Can I charge my iPad Air with the 85w adapter?

Hello good people at Apple,

I almost cannot believe I have to ask this question--and that the iPad has this issue.

Why do I ask?

Because I bought my first Apple product,
an iPad Air and all day I leave it plugged into the wall with the 12w power adapter (from Apple)
(and the charging lightning bolt is there--so it's charging--again, all day and night),
but while I use it during the day the battery drains and dies!!!
I'm not kidding!


No other battery powered device I've ever used goes below 100% when IT'S PLUGGED IN--no matter how bright the screen is, or how many WiFi, Bluetooth, programs and videos it runs.

E.g. My MSI laptop is plugged in and is driving four monitors, surround sound speakers, two external hard drives, and loads of USB devices--and it NEVER goes below 100%.

BTW I tested using the USB connection on my laptop to charge the iPad directly through the pretty NASA white power cable--same issue.

Thank you for your help resolving this amazing issue.


  • Asked by fn from Castle Rock
  • Asked about:  QA Apple MagSafe Power Adapter

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    No you can not. Not even the same type of connection. If you continue to see this type of behavior I'd suggest making a Genius Bar appointment to have the iPad checked out.

    • Answered by Bryan T from Winston Salem