I have a netgear router will it work with imac and can I network with my PC I have inthe home.

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    To be sure, I would need model numbers of both products, iMac and netgear router, but if your router is fairly new and you have a fairly new iMac. They should both work together.

    Cross your fingers.

    • Answered by John S from Ankeny
    • 15/05/2012
  • Yes. I have a NetGear router as well. As far as networking I'm not sure as my iMac replaced a windows. I do however have a section of hard drive partitioned for Windows. So when I start up my iMac and hold the Option button I can choose to start up in Windows 7 Home Premium or OSX.

    • Answered by Joe C from Laporte
    • 15/04/2012