Suwara “Pai” Sumettavanich — Drawing

Studying Arts, Advertising and Design
Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, class of 2023

“I love my MacBook Pro.
I use it for just about everything.
It’s my creative superpower.”

Suwara Sumettavanich has dabbled in art most of her life. Born into a family of healthcare professionals who work long hours, she would pass the time by drawing. Now, she looks to create beautiful designs to bring joy to those around her. “When people see beautiful art, it makes them happy. It’s very important for me to evoke this emotion.”

Now a junior at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University, she is studying to turn her passion for graphic design and multimedia into a career that makes an impact.

Ideas come to her in parks, coffee shops — anywhere and at any moment, Suwara says. Voice Memos on iPhone help her capture her thoughts. Later, she sketches out her ideas with Apple Pencil on iPad and creates final compositions using Adobe Creative Suite on MacBook.

“I love using my MacBook to bring my ideas to life. And I store my work safely on iCloud, so I can access my creations anytime.”

Interdepartmental collaborations are an important part of Suwara’s programme, during which she challenges herself to transform and adapt her work to the worlds of film and music. “We use Keynote and Pages to collaborate on group media projects, then edit in Final Cut Pro. These tools make it easy to add notes, pictures and transitions that really liven up our projects.”

While Suwara hopes to join a creative agency after she graduates, she is also interested in philosophy and meta ethics, which has expanded her perspective of beauty.

“To me, creativity means expressing yourself freely, and not worrying about what others may think. Apple tools help me do this.”


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