Samuel Suresh — Business

Studying Science and Business
Western Sydney University, Australia, class of 2022

“iPad puts me in control of my learning. It helps me discover that learning isn’t just a fixed process. It is malleable and adaptable — a reflection of the way my mind is thinking.”

While you may not be able to tell by looking at his notes and study guides, Samuel Suresh used to hate studying. But once he began to infuse curiosity and creativity into his process, Samuel discovered that iPad was the perfect tool to help him evolve from simply studying to truly learning.

“iPad allows you to try things you’ve never done before, to make mistakes and magically rectify them with the tap of a finger. That changes everything!”

“Curiosity is a chaotic, erratic process that goes all over the place. It doesn’t fit the traditional classroom. To students who are curious but feel limited by the process of ‘studying’, iPad unlocks their minds to a process where they can truly learn and express their creativity.”

The versatility of iPad supports Samuel’s varied learning style. He multitasks across apps with Split View, uses Apple Pencil to create notes with detailed diagrams and relies on apps like GoodNotes to bring it all together in beautiful personalised study guides that help crystallise what he’s learning.

“iPad empowers you to own your learning. To take the knowledge you’re studying — whether it be from textbooks, videos, lectures — and make it your own. It’s made me fall in love with the process of breaking down what I’m learning and building it up again in the visual notes I create.”

Samuel believes iPad helps him embrace curiosity and creativity in his learning process, taking control of his education and breaking free from linear textbooks and classroom walls.


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