Jae Yu — Computer Science

Studying Computer Science
Zhejiang University, China mainland, class of 2022

“I dream of making life easier and more convenient for those around me. Apple Developer Tools help me do that.”

Jae Yu’s passion for creating apps to solve real-life problems developed from an expensive habit: losing bicycles. After a full day of lectures at Zhejiang University, where he is studying computer science, Jae and his classmates could never remember where they left their bikes.

So, he created an iOS app called Find My Bike to help him and other students locate what, for many, is their only mode of transportation.

Changing the world through coding has been Jae’s aspiration since junior high school, when he attended science camp. There, he designed and programmed temperature-regulating curtains for a botanical garden to regulate sunlight exposure and allow plants to thrive.

“Since then, developing apps with Swift has become my biggest hobby. The summer after graduation, I spent my days and nights learning iOS programming on my MacBook Pro.”

Today, Jae’s fascination with new technologies has led him to join the iOS Club on campus. He uses iPad and Apple Pencil to sketch out prototypes and UX design, Notes to share plans with teams, and AirDrop to transfer files seamlessly and securely between his Apple devices for his next project, which is already in progress.

“I’m working to analyse human emotion as it relates to music”, says Jae, of his new app, which provides insomnia patients with soothing or stimuli-blocking music according to their brain waves.

“I am very proud to be a part of work that promotes programming and positive change. I think it’s very promising.”


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