iPad + Cellular

Take iPad anywhere. Bring fast cellular with you.

Cellular data

Cellular data on iPad gives you the flexibility to stay connected whenever you’re away from Wi-Fi.


Easy to set up

It’s incredibly easy to set up, right from your iPad with eSIM.


All on the go

Browse the web, send email and messages, get to all your files, and more. All on the go.

Stay in touch

Stay in touch with friends and family. Or collaborate with coworkers.

Pick a short-term plan

You can pick a short‑term plan that works for you. Data for a day, a week, a month or a vacation.

Simply pay as you go

Or get just the amount of data you need, like 1GB, whenever you need it. Simply pay as you go.


Adding cellular data when you travel is incredibly simple.

180 countries and regions

Stay connected in over 180 countries and regions.


See where eSIM and Apple SIM are available

Set up cellular data service on your Wi‑Fi + Cellular model

Which iPad is right for you?

iPad Pro

The ultimate iPad experience.

NewiPad Air

Powerful. Colourful. Wonderful.


Delightfully capable. Surprisingly affordable.

iPad mini

Mega power.
Mini sized.