I’ve got an Airport TC, that I’ve had for the past couple of years and works fine... is there any reason to switch to these while the TC is still ok?

I have an Airport TC, that operates as my wireless router, with the ISP provided router put in to modem mode. The airport TC also stores my iTunes and other media libraries and is used for TimeMachine. I get good coverage of Wi-Fi in my duplex with this set up, so the question I’m wondering is: while this is all still working ok, is there any real reason to switch to a new system like these? Obviously I’m aware TC has been discontinued and won’t get any new firmware updates, but what am I potentially missing out on by sticking with it?

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  • Mark W, It is a over month since you asked your question but better late than never. I'm directly responsible for three household WiFi systems which were all originally Apple Time Capsule/Apple Airport Extreme systems and I have been a big fan their performance and most importantly their reliability. And while Apple never touted it, their devices are even mesh capable when used in multiples, lacking only WiFi6 which is only now starting to appear in using devices. So the short answer is NO,

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