Connecting AP Extreme to gen 3 Time Capsule

Currently have a gen 3 2TB TC connected to my cable modem. TC currently does routing, DHCP, wifi and backup. Wireless on the TC is poor, very poor, having to reboot the TC every few days to keep wifi optimal. I want to add an AP Extreme to the network to do wifi. I would keep the TC connected to the cable modem and it would do DHCP and backup letting the AP Extreme handle wifi. Furthermore the TC is in the basement, the AP would be on the main floor connected via Ethernet to the TC. Anyone see any issues with this? As for connecting the AP to the TC, can I run from one of the GB enet ports on the TC to the WAN port on the AP Extreme or do I have to build a crossover cable to go from gigabit enet to gigabit enet? Thanks!

  • Asked by fn from Cumming
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