Is there a way to change font "size" and/or "font" when using an iPhone? (Like in an email).

  • Asked by fn from Evergreen

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    There's a way to change your font size. Check that option under Settings > General > Text Size, and make font smaller or larger.
    If you need even larger font, Open Settings > General > Accessibility > Larger Type and turn it on.
    If you need bolder font, Open Settings > General > Accessibility > Bold Text.

    Note: Only apps from the AppStore that support Dynamic Type technology will adapt.
    Other older applications will not apply your font settings. Almost all new apps support it.

    • Answered by Konstantin M
    • 07 27, 17
  • ouestion; need larger front because of sight om iphone 6s

    • Answered by Kay B from Olds
    • 07 27, 17