Can i connect a macbook pro equipped with Thunderbolt to an old ADC cinema display? if so, How?

I'm in the market for a new macbook pro, but i can't seem to find any definite information as to whether or not i can use my old cinema display (using ADC). I know there is an ADC-DVI converter, and a Thunderbolt-DVI converter. Is it possible to simply buy both and use the old display?

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    The answer is yes. Once the ADC-DVI converter is in place it is, effectively, a DVI plug. After that using the Thunderbolt to DVI converter is what you need.

  • There is an ADC-to-DVI adaptor available which when used in conjunction with the MiniDisplay to DVI adaptor, handles the video conversion. This is fine, but you still need to power the ADC display somehow. I looked into the a few years ago and discovered that the very specialised power adaptor was simply far too expensive.