Can I use the wireless keyboard with an iPad mini?

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    Yes, you can use a wireless keyboard like the small wireless Apple keyboard on the iPad mini there is no difference to the iPad, it is the same iOS and same design ideas. You can talk to a Apple person at the shop and can give you more info.

  • Yes you can, I bought the Mini today and also bought the Wireless Keyboard for it too. I love it.

  • well it has to be a Bluetooth keyboard but yes you can use a wireless keyboard just has to use bluetooth! like apples bluetooth keyboard that they sell for 69.00

  • Yes. It's even offered as an item to purchase along with it when you go to the Apple online store.

  • Yes, yes, and you should go buy it now, it works AWESOMELY!

  • Yes, you can.
    You can use it the same as the regular IPad.

  • yes you can because since ipad's and ipad mini's come with bluetooth it can connect to any Bluetooth device!:)

  • Yes, you can; however, I'm new to the ipad and I need to know about the commands. Once you pair your device with the keyboard, you're good!

  • Yes, and in fact any Bluetooth keyboard should -- in theory -- work with the iPad mini.

  • obviously you can!!! i to have my iPad i have a keypaded case! and its osum!