Dose this case cover engraving? Dose it only come in blue?

Incase Pop Case for iPod touch

Incase Pop Case for iPod touch

Product No Longer Available

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    It comes in two colors, blue and a reddish color that Incase calls flamingo. Both are sold on the Apple web store. Yes, it does cover some of the the engraving. (Perhaps it won't only if the length of your engraving is very short.) We had it, and it covered the first 3 words ruining the phrase we engraved.

  • no it comes in pink too. and no it only covers some of the engraving like 2-3 of the first words.

  • No it does not cover the engraving, the back is clear and yes it only comes in blue otherwise they would have displayed the other colours with it!! hope it helped :)

  • no is red