Will the 16gb iPad be large enough?

I have a Wifi external hard drive that I use to back up my music and movies from my primary computer, so I don't anticipate having to use the iPad to hold my entire library. I mostly plan to use it at school to open and review PowerPoints and Word documents and take notes, plus any cool apps or games I happen to find. I would like to put some of my favorite music on it, but not necessarily full length movies. I will most likely not use it for taking large numbers of photos, but may use it to shoot short clips and pics. I will maintain my primary computer for developing documents and power points, but use the iPad to take them with me on the go and do some minor editing. I just don't want to find that I am short on space for fun apps and things that I might want to use while on the go. I am new to Apple products and don't really know about the average app sizes and such.

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