can i run windows xp on a powerpc mac g5

I have an old powerpc mac with a Dual 1.8 GHZ Power PC G5, 1 GB DDR SD Ram, Startup Disk Macintosh HD. I want to Install Windows XP. Is this possible? If so, how? I have read that you can't use boot camp or parallel on a power pc. I have also read that I can't upgrade from OSX 10.4.11 to 10.5. Is this true as well? Am I stuck with this boat anchor?

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    You can not run Windows on your G5 due to the PowerPC processor but there is a program that emulates an intel processor out there.
    I forget what it's called but it runs slower due to the PowerPC having to emulate the intel. Just search windows Xp on a powermac g5 and you might find it. Your machine will run leopard 10.5 well I recommend a bit more ram but whit that ram don't expect to get anything done very quickly especially if you run windows on it just the heads up good luck. God bless.

    • Answered by Alex E from Vancouver
    • Mar 31, 2014