I need a new computer. I've always had a Mac. All I need it for is Quicken. Can I get another Mac, or do I have to switch to Windows?

I've heard that Apple will no longer support Quicken.
If I have to switch to a PC, I will. just don't want to.

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    Just for interest - it may help.
    I've been a Quicken used since first it came to the UK (now, sadly, no longer available) and currently run Quicken XG2004 UK Version R2 on my iMac (OSX 10.8.3) on a virtual PC running under VirtualBoxVM.
    Originally, I had Quicken installed on my PCs and used it for several years running under Win XP-pro, but when I decided to get an iMac 3 years ago, I had a similar dilemma that you now have.

    However, I was encouraged to try Oracle's VirtualBoxVM and install a virtual PC on the iMac. This works a treat - although you'll need a copy of Windows to install on this virtual PC. During set up, you allocate basic memory, storage size and display memory sizes, IDE controller etc using the VirtualBox manager, which is very easy to use.
    When ractive, this virtual PC acts exactly as a stand alone PC running any PC applications (Word, Excel etc), except it's much faster. You can have it interface with the iMac, display it on the same screen at the same time as Mac software. The best thing about it is that VirtualBox is free !

    VirtualBoxVM can support several pseudo systems - you select what you want to run when opening. My version is configured the same as, and effectively mimics, my old PC. Give it a try - you won't be disappointed.

    • Answered by David N from Winslow
    • Mar 28, 2013
  • Question - change from PC to MAC

    I never thought I would be the one to change. I had always had an interest in MAC but just for fun. I have always bought IBM machines for myself and my people. About 6 months ago I needed to get a new laptop and the IBM /Lenovo deal is over so no more IBM PC etc. I still went Shopping (Lenovo is a good company) I am a power user and when I found the Lenovo Laptop I wanted it was a bunch of bucks. Most of my teams had already changed to MAC ( I did have a iPhone and iPad and loved both) so I looked at the Mac Laptop. The machine was hands down a nicer computer and at a lower price. I hear all this stuff about the Apple price but if you are honest and list both machines equally the Apple will win.
    There are many new things to learn and know but I now understand and feel a bit silly for waiting this long. With Apple using Intel and the fact that you can run Windows 7 (or anything) in Paraells Virtual it just makes more sense to have an Apple than anything else.
    Do NOT make the mistake of doing a double Boot Apple to PC. If you want to do that just go back to paper and pencil. The other good advice I was given was do not try to make the Apple a PC. Learn the Apple ways and software and you will be much happier. This was great advice and that is the way I have approached it.
    I have always been a heavy Office and SQL user but I have changed to using Hosted Solutions and Libre Office. Yes I do have Windows 7 on my mac but if I turn it on once a week that is a bunch.
    I was so happy with the change that I have changed my whole personal office over to Mac
    I have a MAC Pro Retina 13 (Almost did not buy the retina - BIG Mistake) laptop. (Travel Machine)
    I picked up a Mac Mini to use as my office Server (Scanners - printers - Long File transfer jobs - storage management, VPNs, Remotes, etc.)
    I have ordered a Mac Pro Black Desktop.
    The funny thing about the Mac is that it just works and that is hard to get used to .

    • Answered by Joseph C from Alexandria
    • Jan 13, 2014