MACBOOK 2.1 UPGRADE & 10.6.8 required

Hi, I have an old Macbook 2,1. I've got the new iPhone 5c and it needs 10.6.8... but if i buy Snow Leopard will it even work?? I don't want to waste my time or money on something that won't work! :(

Really appreciate any advice anyone....

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    i have the exact same issue. i have an old macbook and couldnt use a brand new ipod because my itunes wasnt up to date enough to run it, as well as an iphone 4s that was still running outdated software because if i updated it i wouldnt be able to sync with my computer anymore, so in order to use them I had to upgrade to Snow Leopard. I can tell you right now that snow leopard costs 19.99 & you have to call apple to order it..its not available to download from the store or on sale at an Apple retail location. Also if you are running any old creative suites 2 software on your computer..photoshop etc. these programs will stay once on leopard but if you upgrade to Lion you will need to purchase a newer version of creative suites because CS2 is not supported on LION.

    It will work and it is worth just have to install Snow Leopard then go to software update and update. Snow leopard is actually 10.6.3 but there is a software update that brings you up to the 10.6.8 requirement. after that you should be in business. also always make sure you back up before you upgrade its just a good idea.

    hope this helps you out.

    • Answered by Annette M from Cincinnati
    • Nov 10, 2014