Why a Macintosh for a graduate computer science student?

I am beginning my masters degree in computer science and thought it would be good to have a Macintosh as my computer because I would be able to run all three major operating systems on the computer. I have just purchased and iPad to replace any need for a notebook computer. My question is really why would I need a Macintosh at all, after all I can run UNIX inside of Windows on my current computer. I also have a dual digitial television tuner in my current computer as well as have remote access (without third party web sites having any access to my computer systems) currently. I also have a MIDI Controller for music composition that works well. I would like to still be able to have the same functionality that I currently have. So basically what does Macintosh OS give me that would worth the $1,000 US over the price of a similarly configured Windows computer?

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