Apps help build the wind turbines that power change.

Fast-growing wind turbine manufacturer Vestas is helping create a more sustainable world with clean, green energy. With the powerful capabilities of Apple hardware and software, the company can visualize new turbines using AR technology, help to streamline the flow of components through manufacturing, assist in the scheduling and planning of turbine construction, and even optimize ongoing service. iPhone, iPad, and custom apps are helping Vestas to scale wind power across the world.

At a glance

80KTurbines globally
400KHours saved by service
engineers every year

Sky-high ambitions. Software to match.
Custom apps make a powerful impact even hundreds of feet off the ground.


With AR, a wind turbine can be visualized in seconds.


iPhone keeps wind turbines performing at their peak.


In the field, there’s nothing more powerful than iPad.

Factory and Warehousing

Parts. Logistics. There’s an app for that.

Only with Apple

Augmented Reality

With AR-enabled devices, powerful developer tools, and thousands of apps on the App Store, Apple has the world’s largest augmented reality platform. Leveraging this technology, Vestas can use powerful processors, cameras, and motion sensors, make incredibly realistic AR environments for use in their business.


With FaceTime, companies like Vestas can make and receive video and audio calls from iPhone, and iPad, over Wi-Fi or cellular service to connect with coworkers, partners, and vendors.


Apple and SAP are working together to reinvent business processes, allowing seamless integration for faster developer innovation. Using the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, Vestas developed simple, intuitive apps that replace multiple PC applications, provide access to critical data, and streamline workflows.


Huge achievements in energy.

Developers are making augmented reality prototypes quickly.

1 hour saved per warehouse worker per day.

200% increase in safety reporting.

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