If I buy an iPhone 5 will it work on virgin Mobile ?

I want to buy an iPhone 5, I currently have a Virgin contract, with microsim, will the iphone 5 work with this network ?

2 Answers from the Community

  • It does work "after a fashion".
    I bought an iPhone 5 from the Apple Store and then signed up for a Virgin contract. However Virgin do not at this time (July 2014) support the Visual Voicemail feature and in fact their 1st line support staff don't even know what it is (voicemail messages appear on the phone rather than having to access a number to retrieve them). Their second line staff do however and will tell you the Virgin network does not support this feature.

    • Answered by Andrew T
    • 08-Jul-2014
  • Quick answer No only phone brought from virgin mobile will work on their network

    • Answered by Tracie J from Columbia
    • 25-Jun-2014