Which one is better for a college student in the social sciences: Macbook pro or air?

I'm going to college this year and most likely will be majoring in a social science/humanities major and plan on studying abroad at some (possibly multiple) points. I'm gonna use the laptop for papers, powerpoints, internet, music, and maybe a little composing for fun, essentially just normal stuff. I highly doubt I'll be making a ton of videos but I would like to watch videos. I may end up majoring in business so I would like my laptop to be able to handle making presentations. I won't be an engineering or graphic design major. I also need 256gb of storage 8gb RAM and intel i5 processor.

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    Both are brilliant computers but I would go for the Mac Air for:
    PORTABILITY - students move around a lot!
    SPEED - SSD Is far quicker than a standard HDD
    STORAGE - 256GB should be enough
    LIGHTWEIGHT - everything you buy as a student should be as small and light as possible!
    Any student with a MacBook Air is fortunate indeed!

    • Answered by Anthony M
    • Aug 5, 2014
  • Get the retina Macbook pro they are close to as thin as the air plus have great speed performance and amazing screen resolution and the new macs already have 8gbs of ram included on them. I got the 13 inch retina macbook pro and never regretted getting it.

    • Answered by Andres R from Stevenson Ranch
    • Aug 6, 2014
  • I would recommend the MacBook Air. The new Air is razor thin, has a great battery, and respectable display. I went from an '08 MacBook Pro with a 1TB HD and 16gb of RAM. When I started college I knew that I needed more portability in a Mac. I was a little scared that 4gb of RAM would hurt me, but I don't see any difference. I was thinking that the MacBook air would be better for me. If you want to save $170 I would get the refurbished MacBook Air... this is what I have and I haven't had a problem all last year and I am looking forward to next semester! I hope that this helps!!!

    • Answered by Nic A from Littleton
    • Aug 5, 2014
  • I majored in the social sciences a few years ago and opted for the MacBook Pro as I was nervous that the Air wouldn't have the power I needed for school presentations and basic computing. It did a fabulous job and is still running strong 5 years later. That being said I would definitely go with the MacBook Air if i did it again. The slightly thinner design would have been nice as I took my computer with me everywhere. The battery life is significantly better, and the solid state drive cannot be beat. In fact, after about 2-3 years my MacBook Pro started to get a little sluggish so I upgraded it to an ssd myself. It was a game changer. You will have plenty of power with the MacBook Air, even if you switch to business. Also a much faster computer with the ssd, much better battery life, and a slimmer design. Definitely go with the MacBook Air.

    • Answered by Dane B from Ruston
    • Aug 15, 2014
  • Both Macbook are great but the pro will be good for you. Reason is that the air is for light to moderate users but for you the pro will be great. However I think for the work that you will do you might need 16GB of RAM and probably an Intel i7 processor

    • Answered by Chi L from Las Vegas
    • Feb 28, 2015