Fifteen locations on five continents, all shot in a single day: January 24


Every single day, people are doing incredible things with the Mac and the technology it has inspired. We couldn’t think of a better way to demonstrate that fact than to capture one of those days unfolding. Or a better day to do it than the 30th birthday of the Mac.


Over the course of the day, we documented dozens of extraordinary stories. Archaeologists creating 3D renderings as they uncover the buried secrets of Pompeii. A journalist in Puerto Rico editing video footage on his Mac from the back of a jeep. Kids in Paris making music on an iPad by simply moving their hands through sand.


Filming a full day in so many time zones meant the production actually took 36 hours to complete. But even that wasn’t nearly enough time to capture all the ways the world has changed over the last 30 years.

Shot on the world’s most popular camera

iPhones used to shoot

This film doesn’t just document the power now in everyone’s hands — it demonstrates it. Every frame was shot with an iPhone, using the same camera millions of people around the world shoot with every day.

hours of footage

Initially, the team of cinematographers thought they would need lots of professional equipment and software. But the more test shooting they did leading up to January 24, the more they realized the camera in the iPhone 5s would meet their very high standards. In the end, while some additional equipment was used, much of the footage was captured with the iPhone alone.

Apple technology at the center of it all

iPads used by crew

In order to direct 15 separate locations filming in a single day, Jake Scott transformed a sound stage in Los Angeles into a command center. He equipped it with an arsenal of Apple products including iMac, Mac Pro, and iPad, along with large projection displays positioned around the room. From there he was able to watch every scene as it was shot, and direct all the action remotely via FaceTime. Many involved in the production believe this innovative approach to a multilocation shoot will be adopted by other filmmakers.

Macs used in production

From beginning to end, every facet of this production was made possible by innovations that trace their lineage back to the original Macintosh in 1984. From the people featured on camera to the devices used to document them. And the millions of people around the world watching the result of that work on their Mac, iPhone, or iPad. It’s a story that began 30 years ago, and it remains one that only Apple can tell.

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