1985  Jon Appleton

Pioneering electronic music

Electro-acoustic composer Jon Appleton established one of the first digital music studios in the world, and it was built completely around the Macintosh. With his Appletones software, he developed a revolutionary new way to teach the principles of composition to his students, inspiring musicians for years to come.

Jon Appleton in the electronic music studio at Dartmouth. Twelve Macintosh workstations connected to a teaching station allowed students to compose on computers for the first time.
Appleton surrounded by his music manuscripts in Rauner Library at Dartmouth College. The Mac enabled him to develop new ways to move his creative process from analog to digital.

Released January 1, 1985

Macintosh XL

The design of the Macintosh XL was based on the predecessor of the original Macintosh, the Apple Lisa. Modified to run the Mac operating system, the Macintosh XL featured 1MB of RAM, a 400K disk drive, and a beautiful (for the time) 12-inch monochrome display.

What people did with it

In 1985, the Macintosh XL was many things to Mac users. Here’s how people say they used it the most.

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