1992  David Carson

Deconstructing traditional design

Using the Macintosh, David Carson broke free from the rules of classical graphic design and tried things with fonts that had never been done — purposely distressing them and mixing styles. As art director of Ray Gun magazine, he invented new typographical and layout techniques to create his distinctive look and usher in a new era of independent magazines.

In the mid- to late 1980s, David Carson worked as a high school teacher and gained fame as a professional surfer. But it was his approach to graphic design — particularly the use of typography — that brought him the greatest acclaim. In fact, his work for Ray Gun is widely considered to be revolutionary.
The Mac gave Carson free rein to mix type and overlap photos. This led to his signature style, known as “dirty type,” which was unconventional and much imitated.

Released May 18, 1992

Macintosh Quadra 950

The first Macintosh in a tower design, the Quadra 900 series featured an Ethernet port for high-speed connections to computer networks. For sheer power, it left the previous-generation Macintosh IIfx in the dust — quickly becoming the creative tool of choice for photographers, publishers, and ad agencies.

What people did with it

In 1992, the Macintosh Quadra 950 was many things to Mac users. Here’s how people say they used it the most.

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