2000  Nick Knight

Bringing fashion to life

Nick Knight is responsible for some of the most memorable fashion images of the past 20 years. In 2000, he created SHOWstudio.com and changed how people saw fashion. Literally. Using the Mac to bring motion and interactivity to a traditionally 2D world, he took the idea of a fashion show — typically seen by about 300 people — and broadcast it live to more than 6 million viewers. The catwalk has never been the same.

Knight never set out to be a photographer. But in the 1980s, he discovered and fell in love with British street culture and its eclectic fashions. So he picked up a camera to capture the colorful ensembles that defined the decade. Later, he landed photography jobs with legendary designers Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. Inspired by their artistry, Knight used his Mac to launch SHOWstudio. “I wanted to make fashion accessible to a broader audience. And I wanted to share more than static images,” says the photographer-turned-web-publisher.

“Fifteen years ago I turned my focus from print to the web. I wanted to transform how fashion was seen and needed a device that was easy and accessible.”

— Nick Knight

Knight pioneered the concept of fashion films. He also added blog posts and live streamed runway shows on his website. Today these features are staples of every major fashion publication, allowing viewers to instantly experience the beauty of the collections. This digital shift required a computer that came equipped with cutting‑edge technology. In the Mac, Knight found hardware that was powerful enough to handle moving images and intuitive editing software that could tweak each individual frame. “Fashion is all about the moment,” Knight says. “Immediacy is key. And my Mac always keeps up.”

Updated September 13, 2000


A year into its run, the colorful iBook was affectionately known as the “Clamshell.” But it wasn’t just its radical look that made it stand out. Equipped with AirPort technology, it was the first computer to have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, and it paved the way for the mobile revolution.

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