A TV experience
you’ve never experienced.

Until now, finding a movie or show to watch was a burden. You had to do all the scrolling, button pushing, searching and digging. Apple TV is designed to take the work out of watching TV. Simply ask Siri to find something for you. Bypass all those confusing buttons with a swipe of your thumb. It’s an experience that makes you feel like you’re interacting directly with the screen, even though it’s on the other side of the room.

Redesigned Interface

Feel fully immersed in your screen.
Even from across the room.

Many of the products we make — iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch — are built around the same profound experience: connecting you directly with what’s on your screen. Simple, natural movements of your finger play a big role in that. But how do you create that same immersive experience with a screen that’s hanging on the wall three metres away? The Apple TV interface solves that fundamental challenge by using Touch and voice to reimagine how you interact with your TV screen.

  • Voice. The most efficient interaction tool ever.

    There’s no easier way to interact with something across the room than using your voice. The Siri Remote lets you do what’s natural — just say what you want. Siri takes you right where you want to go without having to click through multiple menus to get there. And thanks to Dictation, entering text in search fields has never been easier. You can even sign in to apps with your voice just by spelling out your user name and password.

  • Touch. The most natural way to navigate.

    The glass Touch surface on the Siri Remote was engineered to provide an experience that feels both fluid and precise. What your finger does on the remote is exactly and immediately what it does on your screen. It’s so natural, in fact, that your eyes don’t even need to look down. You never have to hunt for a button to press or have a light on to see.

Siri Remote

The fastest way to find what you’re looking for? Ask Siri.

Just say which movie or show you want to watch, and Siri searches popular services — including iTunes and Netflix — to find exactly what you want. For example, ask Siri to “Show me some good dramas.” Or “Show me action movies.” You’ll instantly see all your viewing options and whether you can rent, buy or watch with a subscription.

Siri can do lots more.

Ask for an app recommendation, and Siri searches the App Store. Tell Siri to stream a custom radio station or play hits from 1973,1 and the music begins. From finding entertainment, apps and games to checking sports scores and controlling playback, Siri can do amazing things.


“Search YouTube for parrots that sing opera”

“Find racing games in the App Store”

“What should I watch?”

“Find kid-friendly movies”

“Play more songs by this artist”

“Turn on closed

“What’s the temperature outside?”

“Who is winning the Cubs game?”

two minutes”

“What did he just say?”

“Reduce Loud Sounds”

“Who directed this movie?”

X-Men: Apocalypse is available on iTunes

Touch Surface

TV was controlled by buttons. Now it’s controlled by Touch.

The Siri Remote has a precise Touch surface, so you can use your thumb to quickly and accurately navigate around your television screen. You can also control the volume on your TV or A/V receiver. And thanks to Bluetooth, you don’t have to point your remote at your TV. Apple TV picks up your commands from anywhere in the room.

X-Men: Apocalypse is available on iTunes

Apple TV Remote App

Control your big screen from your small screen.

The next best thing to your Siri Remote is the Apple TV Remote app. Once you download it you’ll have full control of your Apple TV from your iPhone or iPod touch. Use the app to ask Siri to search for movies, music and TV shows. Enter text with the keyboard or navigate by touch and gesture. Or play games that take advantage of the accelerometer and gyroscope.2