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Take your business content from standard to stunning.

iPad brings your static materials to life through Multi-Touch books created with iBooks Author. It’s easy to transform traditional business content into dynamic books on iPad that will captivate the imagination of your employees and customers.

Multi-Touch books in action.

Companies across industries are creating interactive books to communicate and share information in more compelling ways. See how businesses are using iBooks Author to add image galleries, video, audio, 3D objects, and more to make content no one wants to put down.
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GE. Books speed up HR on-boarding.

Using iBooks Author, GE’s App Mobility team created an interactive book for iPad that
helps HR managers quickly learn tools for essential HR functions wherever they are.

Company snapshot.

Founded by Thomas Edison in 1878, GE has over 300,000 employees and operations in energy, finance, health care, technology, transportation, and consumer and industrial goods.

Business needs.

GE needed an efficient way to train internal staff about HR systems. They found using a PDF guide wasn't yielding the retention and knowledge transfer required for training. By implementing an interactive book, the training process was streamlined and improved with HR managers getting quickly up to speed.

Book benefits.

GE’s HR Quick-Start Guide is an easily searchable book that quickly onboards new managers and keeps seasoned staff updated on internal HR systems like staffing records and requisitions. Book widgets like Pop-Overs and Scrolling Sidebars highlight key details, while Chapter Reviews help readers retain information.

Pop-Overs. By tapping interactive elements in GE’s HR Quick-Start Guide, readers get highlighted details on specific topics and learn about further actions they can take. See all widgets

Hallmark. Books mix training with fun.

Hallmark uses interactive books to effectively communicate brand attributes and policies to new Gold Crown
store owners. Now Hallmark’s retailers have engaging training content on iPad that’s only a tap away.

Company snapshot.

Hallmark Cards, Inc., founded in 1910, is a privately held greeting card company headquartered in Kansas City, MO., that sells products across 38,000 retail outlets in 100 countries worldwide.

Business needs.

Hallmark’s Retail Training team wanted to engage new store owners in essential on-boarding while keeping costs and resources under control. The goal was to create immersive, easy-to-use virtual training on iPad.

Book benefits.

Hallmark quickly developed training books for iPad with iBooks Author that provide Gold Crown store owners a captivating, learning tool to improve knowledge retention. These books also include embedded links that act as a simple way to track course completion.

Chapter Reviews. Hallmark inserts a variety of questions throughout the book to engage users in fun facts about the Hallmark brand and aid reading comprehension. See all widgets

Deloitte Digital. Portfolios go from paper to portable.

Since trading a cumbersome printed portfolio for a portable and interactive book on iPad, the sales
team at Deloitte Digital can present the company’s services and success stories to clients anywhere.

Company snapshot.

Deloitte Digital, a technology service line of Deloitte Consulting LLP, combines creative design and technology expertise to offer inventive solutions to businesses worldwide — from strategy to implementation.

Business needs.

Deloitte Digital needed a presentation format that showcased the digital agency’s technical and mobile expertise with a portable sales tool.

Book benefits.

By creating a digital portfolio with iBooks Author, the Deloitte Digital team can share the company’s best work on iPad with current and prospective clients — anywhere, anytime — and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Keynote Presentations. Deloitte Digital’s portfolio incorporates custom animations that add layers of dynamic content and interactivity beyond the limits of the printed page. See all widgets

Alcon. Impresive books for impressive products.

By transforming traditional sales materials into interactive brochures on iPad, Alcon’s sales staff can
educate customers about the features and benefits of the company’s specialized equipment.

Company snapshot.

Alcon, a division of Novartis, is a global leader in eye care and offers a wide spectrum of products spanning surgical, pharmaceutical, and vision care across 180 markets.

Business needs.

Alcon’s surgical group wanted a sales tool as impressive as the equipment they sell. Printed brochures were repurposed into dynamic, digital materials using iBooks Author, engaging physicians.

Book benefits.

Multi-Touch books on iPad give Alcon a sales tool that truly immerses customers in the content keeping interest levels high and improving the customer relationship. Links to the brochures are emailed directly to clients, giving sales reps an immediate way to follow up.

Interactive Galleries. Instead of seeing just one image on the page, Alcon uses an entire collection of photos, giving physicians a comprehensive view of their products. See all widgets

Build interactive books for your business.

iBooks Author is a free app that anyone can use to create Multi-Touch books for iPad. It’s simple to design custom templates, use corporate fonts, add interactive widgets, flow in text, and more, so your book is not simply business content — it’s an experience.
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Create and publish amazing Multi-Touch books for your business using iBooks Author.
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iBooks Author gives you flexibility to publish books to internal or external audiences. Reach customers by distributing interactive Multi-Touch books publicly through the iBooks Store or share sensitive corporate information privately.
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Email to a private list.

Books that contain confidential or proprietary information you don’t want shared publicly can be sent by corporate email. Simply export your book from iBooks Author, click Send, and you’re done.

Post to an internal server or intranet.

Give employees access to books by hosting them on a corporate server behind your company’s firewall. Export finished files in iBooks format and they’re ready to post internally.

Publish publicly through the iBooks Store.

Books targeting the general public can be submitted to the iBooks Store for purchase or free download. iBooks Author walks you through a step-by-step process. To get started, create a Free Books or Paid Books account, sign up for iTunes Connect, download iTunes Producer, and you’re ready to publish.