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Turn the user experience into a human experience.

A group of Apple software engineers discuss a project in a conference room

Apple engineers have always focused on one person when they build software — the person who will use it. Working with them, you’ll see why every Apple product and service feels intuitive and simple, and why every aspect of this group’s work is built around a respect for the customer’s needs.

As a manager for the core Bluetooth team in the Wireless Software Engineering group, Jason leads a team that creates and integrates Bluetooth technology into a wide array of Apple products. They were pioneers in designing the first Mac with totally wireless input devices, and they have built innovative cross-product features such as Handoff and Instant Hotspot. More recently, his team was intimately involved in the creation of AirPods. “Every project is a chance to improve on what we’ve already learned. To see all the cross-functional work, the relationships we’ve forged, and the software, firmware and tools we’ve written come together in one product makes me incredibly proud.”

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Apps and Frameworks

Our Apps and Frameworks people create every Apple application, including built-in apps such as Calendar and Maps, productivity apps such as Keynote and Pages, and media apps like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. And because we want every app to work smoothly, this team also creates frameworks, such as UIKit and Metal, with third-party developers in mind. Join the effort and you’ll be responsible for people’s experience morning, noon and night. Areas of work include Application Development, API Design, User Interface Design, Networking, Application Protocols, Framework Development and Performance Engineering.

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Cloud and Infrastructure

Be prepared to jump right in when you join the team that designs, develops and deploys high-performance systems that handle billions of queries every day. You’ll be part of the invisible but indispensable thinking behind the next generation of iOS and macOS applications and services, such as Siri, iCloud, Maps, the iTunes Store and Apple Music. The work is complex, the scale is enormous, and it’s incredibly rewarding because it’s such an essential part of people’s Apple experience. Areas of work include Big Data, Server-Side Software Engineering, Database and Data Engineering.

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Core Operating Systems

The operating system is what makes an Apple product an Apple product. When you’re on the team that forms the core of that personality, you help ensure it’s inseparable from the device’s identity as a whole. You can do that here because Apple has always had a fully integrated operating system, combining hardware, software and applications. As part of this group, you’ll develop technologies like iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS and work with other teams to build the world’s most collaborative products. Areas of work include Kernel, Networking, File Systems, Sensors and Transports.

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DevOps and Site Reliability

When you help manage Apple’s online services, such as the App Store, Apple Music, iTunes, Siri, Maps and iCloud, you’ll be supporting hundreds of millions of users. By designing and building a continuous integration and delivery system, you’ll ensure the high availability, scalability and security of a huge infrastructure every day. Areas of work include Site Reliability Engineering, Systems Engineering, Telemetry Engineering, Performance Engineering, Systems Administration and Hadoop Administration.

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Emilie loves taking photos. She loves helping customers take them even more. Emilie
Emilie, an engineering manager on Apple’s iOS Photos and Camera Engineering team, takes a photo using her iPhone

Emilie has always been an avid photographer. Now she brings this passion for taking photos to her role as an engineering manager on Apple’s iOS Photos and Camera Engineering team. Her team is always working on what’s next for cameras on mobile devices. “We interact with teams across Apple, from design to hardware to marketing. Being passionate about photography helps me focus on building the best products for our customers.”

Engineering Project Management

Every team at Apple is collaborative, but as part of this group, you’re the hub of cross-functional partnering. Take ownership of projects by overseeing every aspect, from start to finish. You’ll guide the work as it’s refined by colleagues in engineering, marketing and other teams. Together, you’ll deliver system software, apps and services such as iCloud, iWork, Siri and iTunes. Areas of work include Technical Project Management, Evangelism, Metrics, Analytics and Programme Management.

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Information Systems and Technology

How do over 130,000 employees stay connected to each other, to suppliers and to over a billion customers around the world? They depend on Apple’s nerve centre — Information Systems and Technology (IS&T). They could depend on you, as you help design and manage the massive systems that run Apple services such as Apple Pay and the Apple website, as well as manufacturing, logistics, retail operations and all our corporate facilities. IS&T also develops and manages our data centres all over the globe. Areas of work include Web Application Engineering, Back-End Engineering, Mobile Software Engineering, Data Science and Applied Machine Learning, Software Quality Engineering, Security Engineering, Network Engineering, Content Delivery, Data Center Operations, and Package Support for SAP and Oracle.

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Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning continues to grow in importance for virtually every Apple product and service, so your contributions in this field can make an impact on many groups here. You’ll help develop algorithms that learn from data to create the most insightful options for the best outcomes. And you’ll do it with the help of privacy experts to ensure users’ privacy is respected. Come and shape what these predictive technologies will do as part of Maps, Siri, News and many other applications, including those yet to come. Areas of work include Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Data Science and Deep Learning.

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Security and Privacy

Safeguard our customers’ data, as well as our own, by developing secure foundations that prevent and detect threats to our products, services and infrastructure. In this group, you’ll engineer new security innovations for teams such as Apple Pay and iTunes while supporting another Apple reputation — ease of use. Areas of work include Differential Privacy Engineering, Privacy Standards Engineering, Senior Security Architecture, Security Services Engineering and Global Security Project Management.

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Software Quality, Automation and Tools

Make simple look easy. In this group, you’ll ensure our operating systems, apps and services, including Maps, the iTunes Store and iWork, run as smoothly as each was designed to. To get there, team members test and qualify all OS releases and applications across all Apple platforms, and develop the infrastructure, platform and tools to do it. Areas of work include Quality Assurance Engineering, Integration Engineering, Software Developer in Test Engineering, Applications Engineering, Software Compatibility Engineering, Automation Engineering and Tools Development.

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Wireless Software

We’ve come to take wireless connectivity for granted, but this team’s work pushing the potential of Wi‑Fi, Bluetooth and GPS is something like magic. Join them and see what innovations you can advance with wireless as you create a customer experience that’s seamless. Areas of work include Cellular Engineering, Systems Engineering, Carrier Engineering, Telephony Engineering, Location Engineering, Bluetooth Engineering and Wi‑Fi Engineering.

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