1.76 million jobs in Europe.
And counting.

Apple has been operating in Europe for over 35 years and we’re proud to be an engine of growth for the economy, supporting over 1.7 million jobs. Last year, we spent over €10 billion with more than 4,300 European suppliers. Since we launched the App Store in 2008, Europe-based developers have earned over €20 billion in App Store sales worldwide. And this is only the beginning.

Nicole | Product Quality Engineer | Cork, Ireland

Our facility in Ireland builds iMac for customers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Jobs across all European countries

22,000 Apple employees1
170,000 Jobs through our
Europe‑based suppliers2
1,570,000 Jobs in Europe attributable to the App Store ecosystem3

Jobs across the region.

You’ll find Apple employees, suppliers and app developers working across Europe, in communities large and small, and in thousands of professional fields.

Our Apple employees.

Apple jobs span a wide range of roles — supply chain, operations, construction, manufacturing, retail, customer support, marketing, engineers — and their ranks continue to grow. AppleCare call centres serve our customers throughout Europe, with 13,000 representatives across the region. And unlike with many companies, both full- and part-time employees are eligible for such benefits as health insurance, matching retirement contributions and an employee stock purchase plan.


Apple employees

15 Cities with 250 or more employees
112 Apple Stores in 10 different countries
15x Increase in Apple employment in Europe since 2000
1,500% Growth in European employees since 2000









App Store




Apple Watch



Our suppliers and manufacturers.

From the people who manufacture components for our products to the people who distribute and deliver them, Apple directly or indirectly supports hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout Europe. With more than 4,300 suppliers in the region, we are working with businesses in every single European country. Our core products — iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV — contain parts or materials from here in Europe, or are made with equipment from Europe-based suppliers.


Jobs through our Europe-based suppliers

80,000 Retail
22,000 Manufacturing
17,700 Facilities management
17,400 Technical and scientific services
11,250 Other industries
10,600 Transportation and logistics
5,750 Information services
2,900 Construction

Jobs in the app economy.

Apple ignited the app revolution with the launch of the App Store in 2008. And in less than a decade an entire industry has been built around app design and development, generating over 1.5 million jobs in Europe and earning more than €20 billion for European developers.


European jobs created and supported by the App Store

28% Growth of app economy jobs in the last two years
€20bn+ Earnings by European developers from App Store sales worldwide since 2008
92% Earnings by European developers generated by sales abroad

Jobs created by the app economy

All kinds of apps, from all kinds of places.

When it comes to designing and developing apps, there are no geographical limits. Great ideas can come from anywhere. And they do.

Key European Projects

Cork, Ireland

Apple has been based in Cork for over 35 years. We now directly employ around 6,000 people throughout Ireland supporting all aspects of the business. Since 2012, we’ve invested nearly €220 million to develop our Hollyhill campus and have just expanded again with a new building that provides space for 1,400 employees. Apple is Cork’s largest private employer and we are proud that many of the team have been with us for decades.

London, UK

London is home to over 2,500 employees and our expanding workforce will be housed in a new campus at Battersea Power Station. The investment in one of the city’s most recognisable buildings is central to the long-term regeneration of this special 42-acre site on the River Thames.

Naples, Italy

The Apple Developer Academy trains hundreds of students each year in app development at a state-of-the-art centre at the University of Federico II. The one-year programme gives students the skills and experience to turn app ideas into reality. We are also working with five other universities in the region to bring developer skills and training to over a thousand additional students.

Jutland, Denmark

Our first-ever European data centres are bringing jobs and investment to Denmark. They will offer crucial data storage for our customers and run on 100 per cent renewable energy. We are also proud to be investing in local projects to secure new and additional sources of clean power.

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