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Every day, traditional business models are being disrupted by mobile-based technology. With this in mind, the Shanghai Business School firmly believes that tomorrow’s businesses will be run by leaders with a strong understanding of app development. To support this vision, the school’s curriculum focuses on programming as a fundamental skill, encouraging every student to learn to code.

The school’s Innovation Lab is where the magic happens — a state-of-the-art incubator space for app development and creativity, powered by Apple technology. This bright, modern space draws together students of all backgrounds and interests. Here, they team up and collaborate to solve real-world problems.

Students learn to code using Swift and bring their ideas to life through apps. Led by Xiaoguang Song, Director of IT and Associate Professor, who also supplements this learning with introductory computer programming courses in Xcode — getting them up to speed as professional programmers quickly and efficiently.

By enabling students with the skills to build apps, students are empowered to solve problems at the local university level as well as for the wider community. As they prepare to become future entrepreneurs and business leaders, an ability to think like developers is giving them an advantage that will help keep them relevant — and at the cutting edge of whatever tomorrow brings.

“When our students reach a point where they are giving back to our school and society, the true influence of our lab starts to emerge.”
Xiaoguang Song Director of IT and Associate Professor
Shanghai Business School


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