Dr Walter Barbieri
The University of Adelaide, Australia

Modernising teaching for classrooms of the future.

At the University of Adelaide’s School of Education, Dr Barbieri merges his passion for creativity and learning with his love of technology. This is the heart of his eLearning programme, where trainee teachers learn how to use iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard to create dynamic learning environments.

Dr Barbieri incorporates Apple programmes, like Apple Teacher and Everyone Can Create, as well as iPadOS apps, like Keynote, Paper and Notability, into his curriculums to help his student teachers build personalised learning plans and lessons. He’s also teaching how to design innovative assessments that support every learning style by combining audio, imagery, video, handwriting, typing and drawing on iPad.

“My goal is to modernise the teaching profession so every child can enjoy the wonder of learning at its best.”
Dr Walter Barbieri Lecturer, School of Education
The University of Adelaide


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