Apple SIM More choices for
staying connected.

Apple SIM gives you the convenience of choosing a data plan from carrier partners straight from your iPad. So you can stay connected when you’re away from a Wi‑Fi hotspot.footnote1 When you travel, Apple SIM gives you the flexibility to stay connected in more than 180 countries and regions. When you reach your destination and want to check your email, find directions or send a message back home, you can purchase a data plan for however long you need it.

Apple SIM partnersfootnote2

Data plans in Ireland

Data plans in Ireland

With Apple SIM, you’ll have the option to select from a number of mobile data plans straight from your iPad. Local carrier Truphone offers short- and long-term data plans. Whichever plan you choose, you’ll have the connectivity you need for however long you need it.

Data plans for travelling abroad.

Data plans for travelling abroad.

When you travel abroad, you can choose a plan from a local carrier or from a pay-as-you-go provider in more than 180 countries and regions. You can also install a local carrier SIM if that’s a better solution for you.

How Apple SIM works with your iPad.

Apple SIM comes pre-installed in some iPad with Wi‑Fi + Cellular models in some countries, and is embedded in other Wi‑Fi + Cellular models. It’s also available for purchase at most Apple Store locations.3

Apple SIM Compatible Embedded
iPad Pro (2nd generation)
iPad Pro (1st generation)
iPad Pro
iPad Pro
(5th generation)
iPad Air 2
iPad mini 4
iPad mini 3


Apple SIM allows you to choose data plans from selected carriers in Ireland and in more than 180 countries and regions around the world.

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