macOS Sequoia Preview

Quick off the Mac.

Lay out your workspace on the fly and browse the web with focus.

Coming this autumn

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Easy window tiling

Drag windows to the edge of your screen to effortlessly arrange them into side-by-side tiles on your desktop, or place them in corners to keep even more apps in view.

Tiling with keyboard and menu shortcuts

Lay out your workspace on the fly.

Presenter preview

See exactly what you’re going to share in video calling apps — your whole screen or a single app — before displaying it for everyone.

Background replacements

Express yourself or just hide the clutter behind you with beautiful built-in backgrounds or your own photos, while industry-leading segmentation technology helps you look your best.


Introducing Highlights

Quickly pull up relevant info from a site.1

A smarter, redesigned Reader

With a table of contents and high‑level summary, get the gist of an article before reading on.2

More control over web video

When Safari detects a video on a page, Video Viewer helps you put it front and centre, while still giving you full access to system playback controls.

Passwords app

All your credentials in one place

From passwords to verifications and security alerts, find them all securely stored in the Passwords app.

Securely synced across devices and apps

Works across Mac, iPhone, iPad and Windows.


New and upcoming games for Mac

Enjoy new and upcoming titles from game developers taking full advantage of Metal 3 and Apple silicon to deliver smooth frame rates and high‑quality visuals.

Games list, row 1: Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Frostpunk 2, Dead Island 2, Assassins Creed: Shadows, Valheim, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Games list, row 2: Sniper Elite 4, RoboCop: Rogue City, World of Warcraft: The War Within, Control, Palworld, Riven


All-new ways to play with text

Type with tone, flair and feeling.

Tapback with any emoji or sticker

Express yourself in more ways than ever.

Schedule a message with Send Later

Whether it’s too late at night or too important to forget, you can now schedule a message to send at a specified time.


Topographic maps and trail networks

Maps now features topographic maps with detailed trail networks and hikes, including all 63 US national parks.3

Save hikes for offline access

Browse thousands of hikes that you can save to your other devices — along with any notes you want to add.4

Custom walking and hiking routes

Create your own routes.


Live audio transcription

Record audio sessions within your note and generate live audio transcripts you can search through or combine with other comments, checklists or documents.5

Maths Notes

Crunch numbers, evaluate express­ions and assign variables — directly from Notes.6 The app solves express­ions inline as soon as you type an equals sign.7

Collapsible sections

Simplify and hide text with collapsible section headers, making it easy to manage your most text‑heavy notes.


Make text stand out with colour.


Hands-free Siri Interactions

Say yes with a nod, or no with a shake.

Voice Isolation on AirPods Pro

Sound crystal clear on calls, even in windy conditions or areas with loud background noise, through advanced computational audio.

Personalised Spatial Audio for gaming

The same immersive experience that has transformed music and movies puts you right in the middle of the action of your favourite games.8

And so much more.


Updated basic and scientific calculators introduce new tools like history and unit conversions. You can also enter and continue to view complete express­ions with parentheses, trigonometry and multiple operations, before hitting equals for the final answer.


Create, view, edit and complete reminders from the Reminders app directly in Calendar.


Scenes let you organise and present your board section by section. Send a copy of your board to anyone with just a link. An improved diagramming mode makes it easier to form connections on your canvas. Align your board content just the way you like by snapping items to the grid. And easily pan around your board by clicking and dragging the canvas while pressing the Space bar.


Collections automatically organises your library by topics like Recent Days, Trips and People & Pets. And Pinned Collections gives you lightning-fast access to the collections or albums most important to you.


The Feels Like temperature appears prominently near the actual temperature when they differ significantly. You can also add your home and work locations from Contacts to your list of locations in the Weather app.

Home app.

With guest access you can manage how and when people can enter your home.10 Add robot vacuum cleaners to the Home app, including in scenes, automations and Siri requests.



An improved Privacy and Security settings menu makes it easier to manage how much information you’re sharing with apps.

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