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Discover your next favourite song, album or artist — without ever hearing an ad. Play anything in the vast 40 million-song catalogue, along with your entire iTunes library.

AirPodsWireless. Effortless. Magical.

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iPod touchThe music you love. On the go.

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AccessoriesMake the most of your music.

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iTunesYour music takes centre stage.

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Gift CardsGive the gift of Apple Music, accessories and more.

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Music creation apps from Apple.

Music Memos

Capture all your musical ideas with a tap and then turn them into something great.

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Music Memos


Create music on your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with a wide range of instruments.

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Logic Pro X

Crank up your production with a complete professional recording studio on your Mac.

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Logic Pro X

MainStage 3

Transform your Mac into a live rig and give your audience a show they won’t forget.

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MainStage 3

Working with Apple Music.

Discover all the ways you can showcase content on Apple Music. Access MusicKit, RSS feeds, widgets, brand guidelines, badge art and more.

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