Safari. The smartest way to surf.

Safari in OS X Mavericks brings you all-new ways to find and enjoy the best of the web. It works with iCloud to give you a seamless browsing experience across all your devices. It looks out for your privacy. It loads content incredibly fast. And with amazing power-saving technologies that let you browse longer than with other browsers, Safari is simply the smartest way to surf.

Built-in sharing. See it, send it.

Share anything you come across on the web without leaving Safari. Just click the Share button, then choose how you want to send it off. Share web pages using Mail or Messages. Tweet them or post them on Facebook. And even add comments and locations. A single sign-on sets up Facebook and Twitter for Safari, so you only need to log in once.

Powerful. But not power hungry.

Safari has advanced power-saving technologies built in. So you can do all the things you want to do on the web, without worrying about draining your battery.

Browse longer with Safari.

Safari takes advantage of power-saving technologies such as App Nap, which puts background Safari tabs into a low-power state until you start using them again. In addition, Safari Power Saver conserves battery life by intelligently pausing web videos and other plug‑in content when they’re not front and centre on the web pages you visit. All told, Safari on OS X Mavericks lets you browse up to an hour longer than with Chrome or Firefox.1

Improved Battery Efficiency

Power-saving technologies let you browse longer compared with Chrome and Firefox.1

Get up to one hour more browsing time on a single battery charge.

It looks out for your privacy.

Privacy isn’t just something you should hope for — it’s something you should expect. That’s why advanced privacy features are built right into Safari. By default, it blocks third-party cookies and other data that could be used to follow you around the web. And it can even ask sites not to track you.

Third-party data and cookie blocking.

The web pages you visit often leave cookies from third-party websites. These cookies can be used to track where you go on the web, target you with ads or create a profile of your online activities. Safari was the first browser to block these cookies by default. And now it’s the only browser that prevents third-party websites from leaving data in your cache, local storage or databases by default.

Private Browsing.

To help keep your browsing your business, Safari offers Private Browsing. Simply turn it on, and Safari stops adding the sites you visit to your history. It also stops storing your searches and the data in online forms you fill out.

Do Not Track.

Safari supports an emerging privacy standard called Do Not Track. Just enable this setting, and sites you visit are asked not to track you. Safari also automatically sends Do Not Track requests when you use Private Browsing.

Protection for your Mac. And you.

Safari uses sophisticated technologies to warn you if a site is fraudulent or may be harmful to your Mac. And if you happen to come across malicious code on the web, Safari can keep it from affecting the rest of your system. In other words, Safari helps keep your Mac out of harm’s way. Automatically.

Protection from harmful sites.

Safari helps protect you against fraudulent Internet sites and those that harbour malware — before you visit them. If a website looks suspicious, Safari prevents it from loading and warns you.

Built to keep threats contained.

Sandboxing provides built-in protection against malicious code and malware by restricting what websites can do. And because Safari runs web pages in separate processes, harmful code in a page is confined to a single browser tab, so it can’t crash the whole browser or access your data.

Added security for plug-ins.

PDFs and widely used plug-ins like Adobe Flash Player, Silverlight, QuickTime and Oracle Java are sandboxed in Safari, which protects your system from harm should those plug-ins be exploited. For added security, you can even choose to run only certain plug-ins on trusted websites you select.

Surf seamlessly across your devices.

With iCloud, your passwords, bookmarks, tabs and Reading List are always up to date on all your devices. So whether you’re using your Mac, iPhone or iPad, you’ll always have what you need.

Faster performance. Wait less and browse more.

The Nitro JavaScript engine in Safari takes advantage of the multiple processing cores on your Mac, reducing lag time as you surf the web. Safari adapts to the web pages you visit and selects the fastest way to execute JavaScript, so browsing is faster and more responsive.

Great for surfing the web. Even better for creating it.

Safari is built on WebKit, an industry leader in web standards. And it has powerful built-in tools, like Web Inspector, that let developers create advanced web applications.


Safari is built on WebKit, the open source rendering engine that powers the web-browsing experience on over 1.5 billion devices worldwide. It was the first browser to support advanced media standards like the HTML5 audio and video tags. And it continues to support technologies that enable innovation on the web.

Web Inspector.

Web Inspector is your command centre, giving you quick and easy access to the richest set of development tools ever included in a web browser. And Web Inspector now has a streamlined new look and even more built-in web development tools for building and debugging your website. Learn more