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If you want to report infringement of your trademark on the App Store, please visit:

If you want to report infringement of your trademark on the iTunes Store, please visit:

For general information regarding the use of Apple's Trademark's or Copyrights, please refer to our guidelines located at

For Marketing permission requests (which may include Promotions/Giveaways, Sponsorship, Product Placement and Partnership requests), please send an email to

For use of Apple copyrighted or trademarked material in Books or Publications, please send an email to, and include any surrounding copy or text to the Apple material you wish to use in your project.

If your request concerns any other usage or licensing of Apple copyrighted materials (e.g., photographs, video footage, Apple advertisements or other Apple materials), it will be forwarded to the appropriate Apple business contact. If you do not receive a response from an Apple employee, we regret that we are unable to process your request. Due to high volume of requests we receive, this may be the only reply you receive.

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