Redress Rights in Connection with the European Union Digital Services Act

In connection with the Digital Services Act (“DSA”), certain individuals or entities have available to them certain redress options, outlined below and organized according to the type of action taken.

The redress options below do not preclude you from seeking judicial redress, if you are a consumer, in accordance with the Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions, or if you are a developer, in accordance with the Apple Developer Program License Agreement

Notices submitted concerning illegal content

If you submitted a notice pursuant to Article 16 of the DSA through the Content Reports portal, received a notification about the decision, and have concerns regarding the outcome, you may submit a complaint.

Reviews Removed

If your review was removed from the App Store for violation of Apple’s Submission Guidelines and you have a concern regarding the removal of your review, you can contact us here.

Developer Account Terminations & App Removals

If your developer account has been terminated and you would like to file a reinstatement request, you may petition the App Review Board to reinstate your account by completing this form: Re-instate a Terminated Developer Program Membership. In your petition, provide the specific reasons why the App Review Board should consider re-instating your Apple Developer Program membership. Include details on what improvements you are planning to make to comply with the App Store Review Guidelines, Developer Code of Conduct and Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

If you have a concern regarding measures taken by or behavior of Apple that affect you and relate directly to distribution of your licensed app on the App Store in the region in which you are established, you may submit a complaint pursuant to the Regulation (EU) 2019/1150 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2019 on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services. Apple will consider and process such complaints and communicate the outcome to you.

If your app was removed based on an Intellectual Property claim, contact the claimant directly using the provided contact information, and request the claimant send the App Disputes team an email confirming that the issue has been resolved and/or that the claim has been retracted.

Developer Response Removed

If you have a concern regarding the removal of your responses to customer reviews, you can contact us through the Apple Developer site. Sign in and click App Setup and Distribution > Customer Reviews and Ratings, then choose your preferred method of contact.

Restrictions on Apple-Delivered Advertising

If you received an email from Apple about a restriction to your Apple-delivered advertising, you can appeal here. You’ll need to provide the notification code included in the email in your appeal. This appeals process applies only to Apple-delivered advertising.